Automate Threat Hunting

Your security infrastructure may produce billions of events a day, but processing all of them to find high risk activity is very difficult, if not impossible. To be effective, threat hunters have to discover needles in large haystacks, and correlate them against a multitude of other data sources. Most security teams are lacking the expertise and resources to be able to keep up. 

LogicHub proactively hunts for threats in your environment, scaling the expertise of highly skilled analysts to cover billions of security events. It captures the expertise, context, and processes of your specific environment, and then mimics the investigative actions of an expert analyst to automatically catch threats that are being missed by SIEM alerts and manual processes, especially previously unknown threats.  

Key Benefits

Reduce missed breaches

Catch threats with a high degree of effectiveness and confidence

Detect unknown threats

Find new threats for which no SIEM rules or signatures exist

Reduce Mean Time to Identify (MTTI) by 10x

Continuously scan and correlate security events for new threats, reducing dwell times

Adapt and tune for your environment

Capture your specific processes, context, and intelligence for highest efficacy

Evolve and improve

Easily evolve, train, and tune the system with an intuitive feedback loop (and without requiring large training data sets)

Scale analyst expertise

Improve threat hunting productivity of senior analysts, enabling them to easily force-multiply their efforts to cover billions of events

Key Features

Threat Ranking

Detect known and unknown threats by reducing complex events, filtering out the known good, and ranking the resulting IOCs

Continuous Detection

Automatically evaluate security events 24/7, thoroughly and consistently

Machine Learning

Apply cognitive automation to scale the threat hunting expertise and intuition of skilled analysts

Smart Operators

Easily re-use advanced machine learning and data science algorithms

Full Traceability

Automatically document alert scoring and reasoning for full visibility into the how and why

Deep Correlation

Automate multi-level sophisticated analysis across all event and intelligence data

Feedback Loop

Improve efficacy by easily providing context and expertise via an intuitive human feedback loop


Connect to hundreds of applications and services via a robust integration framework

Ingestion Framework

Easily intake security events data from SIEMs, log aggregators, cloud logs, and dozens of security products


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