ThreatGPS™ for GitHub

Your developers love managing their source code in GitHub. Whether this is crucial Intellectual Property, or critical applications that run your business, how do you know this source code isn’t being accessed by unauthorized actors?

LogicHub’s ThreatGPS™ for GitHub provides out-of-the-box threat detection for this important asset. It continuously monitors your GitHub instances to detect any unusual behavior or pattern, and takes immediate steps to remediate unwanted activities.

Key Capabilities

Rapid deployment with pre-built logic and guided expertise

360 degree automated review of GitHub audit events, with 100% coverage of all event types

Automatically generates high quality alerts with very low false positive rates by identifying abnormal activities, e.g.

  • Open repos that should not have been open
  • High number of check-ins from a user
  • Activity from suspicious locations

Provides recommendations on response and remediation steps

Easy to adapt and train to your custom environment

Automation integrations with ticketing systems such as Jira, and Active Directory for user roles.

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