ThreatGPS™ for GitHub

Automated Threat Detection and Monitoring for Code Repositories

LogicHub ThreatGPS™ for GitHub is an automated threat detection solution that continually monitors your source code repositories for suspicious behavior and vulnerabilities to help you protect your intellectual property.

Installed without having to deploy agents, and setup with just a few clicks, ThreatGPS immediately begins analyzing millions of GitHub log events to identify any malicious or unauthorized behavior. It uses a sophisticated threat ranking engine to automatically prioritize potential threats and provides a high quality feed of security alerts.

ThreatGPS is designed for teams of all sizes, is very cost effective, and can scale to very large deployments without much effort.

How ThreatGPS Works

Key Capabilities


Built on top of the most powerful intelligent automation platform, LogicHub ThreatGPS leverages data science, advanced correlation, and machine learning to automate analysis that would otherwise take skilled analysts hundreds of hours to perform. It provides a 360 degree automated review of GitHub audit events, with 100% coverage of all event types.


Once high risk threats are found, easily double-click to investigate the who, what, when, and respond accordingly.


For the highest effectiveness, it is important for a threat detection solution to account for an organization’s unique context and processes. ThreatGPS provides an innovative feedback mechanisms that allows security analysts to easily train the system and improve results over time. Simply click on the calculated score, update it with a new one, and ThreatGPS will automatically incorporate the feedback in its future analysis.


ThreatGPS is so easy to setup and use, anyone can get it up and running with minimal GitHub or security know-how. No agents need to be deployed, no firewalls need to be configured, and no consultants need to be hired.


ThreatGPS encapsulates the collective expertise of leading security and GitHub experts, with pre-built logic and analysis automation, implementing industry best practices out-of-the-box.

ThreatGPS for GitHub Overview

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