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The Complete Guide to Security Intelligence Automation

Everything you need to know about Security Intelligence Automation and why it is critical for effective threat detection.

5 Reasons Why Security Orchestration is Not Enough

The case for Intelligent Automation and why it is imperative to look beyond simple orchestration.

Cutting Through the Artificial Intelligence Hype in Cybersecurity

Learn why AI is not the panacea it may seem, and why most machine learning is too early and undeveloped to match the expertise of skilled cyber analysts.

Measuring Threat Detection Effectiveness

Discover pragmatic strategies for measuring threats you're catching as well as those you're missing.

Transitioning the ISOC From Alerts to News

A step by step approach to transform to an Intelligence Driven Security Operations Center.

Solution Brief: LogicHub Overview

Learn how LogicHub provides powerful and complete automation for threat detection and response. 

SOC Automation Case Study: Maricopa Community Colleges

Learn how this college automated alert triage for all their suspicious login alerts after a Phishing attack.

How to get started with Security Automation and Orchestration

An excellent primer and discussion of best practices for implementing security automation

Build an AI Analyst to Eliminate Phishing Burden

Steps for building custom AI automation for phishing detection and response

How to Automate Phishing Investigations

Get to Inbox Zero everyday with Automated Threat Ranking

How to Automate Threat Hunting

Do you have security event data but not enough threat visibility?

How to Secure GitHub with Automated Threat Detection

Your developers love managing their source code in GitHub.

Beyond Security Orchestration - The Urgent Need for Intelligent Automation

When it comes to security automation, you’re not limited to simple orchestration.

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