Automate Enrichment

SOAR+ automatically enriches every case with all relevant context, every decision making factor, as well as any automated actions taken and any additional recommended actions.


Automated Triage

All alert and event data is automatically analyzed and triaged, false positives are automatically eliminated with confidence and new cases are created for true positives.


One-click Automated Response

Any response action can be fully automated and any action that can't be automated for policy purposes can be automatically set up to run upon a single click.


Run ad-hoc commands right from a case

Quickly run ad hoc commands and actions from directly within any case, allowing you to execute the entire incident response process from a single screen.


Integrate with every tool in your tool stack

We have hundreds of integrations out-of-the-box, and we’ll deliver any new integration that you need in under two weeks at no charge.


Guided Playbook Builder

A guided playbook builder makes it easy for you to rapidly create the playbooks that you need by automatically making recommendations for what steps to add when.


Hundreds of modules to automate common steps

LogicHub experts are continually adding and updating out-of-the-box content, giving you access to hundreds of modules to automate common detection and response actions.


Powerful Customizable Case Management

The platform comes with built-in case management where new cases are created only for true positives. Every case is enriched and allows for automated response directly from within any case.


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