Effective Security Through Automation

  • Triage and hunt at machine speeds without manual process delays
  • Free your analysts to respond to real incidents and cases
  • Automate operational efficiencies for faster detection and rapid response


Detecting Threats
That Others Miss

  • Gain complete visibility into all cloud, endpoint, network and user activity
  • Automate playbooks that analyze, investigate and triage all data, at scale
  • Eliminate detection blindspots with direct mapping to MITRE ATT&CK


Managed Detection Starting at $500/Month

  • Fewer Than 250 Employees


  • Up to 1000 Employees


  • Flexible plans for organizations over 1,000 employees

How it Works For You

Our automation-driven detection and response delivers all of the benefits of an expert team of threat hunters, SOC analysts and incident responders without the overhead of doing it yourself.

Monitor everything,
miss nothing

We deliver cloud, endpoint, network and user visibility by integrating with the platforms, solutions and data sources that you already have in place, and work with you to fill in any gaps with minimal effort.

By analyzing and investigating potential threats from any vector, using the MITRE ATT&CK framework to automatically identify any tactics and techniques being used, we keep you protected around the clock.

Get deeper detection with better results

Our automated detection engine uses a combination of machine learning, behavioral profiling and embedded expertise to rapidly analyze, investigate and triage alert and event data from every relevant source.

We provide deep visibility into cloud, endpoint, network, and user-based activity. We then automatically map that activity to the MITRE ATT&CK framework so that you and our analysts have complete visibility into every potential threat.

Eliminate false positives and overcome alert fatigue

Our automated detection engine automatically and consistently eliminates false positives with greater than 95% accuracy. It investigates and triages security alerts, allowing our SOC analysts to spend their time investigating the threats that truly matter.

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Get the full picture with every case and respond the right way, every time

When our analysts confirm that a threat is real, they deliver a comprehensive case to you that includes all relevant event details. Each case provides a detailed explanation of the threat with any associated cases, a complete set of recommended response actions, and one-click automated response actions so that you can immediately contain the threat.

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Stay informed with powerful reporting and dashboards

We provide several powerful dashboards and reports out of the box to you. They let you visually track the efficacy of our Threat Detection Coverage against the ATT∧CK framework at all times.

And we don’t limit you to using our reports. Using our powerful visualization and analytics engine, you can quickly build dashboards and reports to track any metrics.

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Within a couple of weeks of onboarding, they notified us of a serious activity, which we most likely would not have discovered on our own."

Ray Espinoza
Director of Security at Cobalt

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