The Most Advanced Detection
& Response Platform

Cut through the noise and multiply the reach of your security team by automating over 90% of your threat management processes, including alert triage, incident response, and proactive threat hunting. LogicHub easily connects with your entire infrastructure giving you the best of XDR and SOAR with a single advanced
automation tool.


The LogicHub Platform includes:

  • Automated Alert Triage eliminates false positives
  • Decision Automation takes care of repetitive tasks
  • Advanced Incident Response reliably takes action
  • AI-powered Threat Detection finds new attacks
  • Hundreds of integrations - cloud, network, endpoint, ticketing
  • Guided Playbook Builder requires no coding

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The Most Effective Managed Detection & Response Service

Let the experts manage this for you, with 24x7 threat detection and automated incident response, based on the MITRE ATT&CK framework. LogicHub MDR saves you time and money, with complete visibility into all cloud, network, and user activity, closing security blind spots, eliminating the noise, and freeing your analysts to respond to real incidents.


LogicHub MDR includes:

  • 24x7 expert threat detection
  • Automated response with hundreds of playbooks
  • AI-based automation adapts to your systems
  • Optional cloud based SIEM simplifies security
  • Advanced case management
  • One-touch and automated response

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Help me choose most likely fit

Conventional SOAR

LogicHub MDR

Resource contraints

      • Resource contraints

    • Mitigating loss of tribal knowledge of detection and response processes due to staff turnover.

    • Staffing for 24x7 detection and response capabilities.

    • Expert playbook creation and configuration.

    • Overcoming alert and tool fatigue.

    • Augmenting the capabilities of my existing SOC staff with automation

Operating efficency

      • Operating efficency

    • Integrating my security stack to give my SOC analysts a single place to manage the incident response process
    • Automating repetitive manual tasks for my security operations team
    • Reducing the amount of time my SOC analysts spend investigating threats
    • Analayzing and triaging high volume security alerts and event from my security stack (SIEM, EDR, IDS, etc.)
    • Reducing mean time to detect and respond (MTTD and MTTR)

Process improvements

      • Process improvements

    • Formalizing best practice approaches to detection and response
    • Implementing repetitive, scalable and accurate automated detection and response playbooks
    • Accessing expert content to address common use cases
    • Creating custom content to automate advanced use cases like threat hunting
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