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Alert Triage

SecOps teams are overwhelmed by high volumes of security alerts. In large organizations, literally millions of alerts are generated each day. Somewhere among those millions of alerts are a few critical indications of genuine threats. Most manual investigations will lead security analysts to benign events and dead ends. By applying machine learning and advanced analytics, SOAR+ helps SecOps teams triage alerts so they can focus on the critical few that really matter.

Malware Alert Triage

Today, your SecOps team is either manually investigating each and every alert, ignoring them, or outsourcing it to a third party.

Most orchestration solutions also fall short, requiring analysts to manually evaluate investigative data around each alert to determine its severity. More than 95% of alerts are typically harmless, yet much time is wasted on them.

LogicHub solves all these challenges by mimicking the decision making an analyst goes through, leveraging all of their expertise, intuition, and tribal knowledge. Alerts are automatically triaged, and only the most critical incidents are escalated for remediation and response.

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Proofpoint Alert Triage

Email remains the leading source of malware and attacks that lead to data breaches. To guard against these threats, many organizations use the Proofpoint platform, which scans email in real time for threats. When Proofpoint detects a suspicious or harmful email message, the Proofpoint platform can automatically quarantine it and send an alert to the recipient.

Proofpoint decidedly improves an organization’s defenses against email-borne threats. Its alerts, though, require attention from the SOC, which already inundated with alerts from SIEM platforms and other security tools.

The LogicHub SOAR+ Platform can automate alert triage, including triage for alerts generated by Proofpoint. In addition, it can analyze alert patterns and contact the managers of email recipients to notify them of suspicious patterns of behavior.

LogicHub helps organizations make the most of their investment in Proofpoint by accelerating alert triage and automating threat detection and threat remediation.

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DLP Alert Triage

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) protects an organization’s most precious commodity: its data. By monitoring the flow of data in email, web protocols, and transfers to portable media, DLP systems enable organizations to detect, block, and investigate suspicious activity that could lead to sensitive data leaving the organization. Because it guards intellectual property and helps ensure compliance with data privacy regulations, DLP is an invaluable technology. But it does create lots of work for SOCs, which can receive as many as 10,000 alerts per week related to DLP.

The LogicHub solution for DLP alert triage dramatically reduces the volume of work required by SOCs for alert triage.

The LogicHub SOAR+ platform integrates with DLP systems and applies playbook rules to filter out benign alerts based on URL path, filename, user, and other attributes, dramatically reducing the total volume of alert data. The platform also flags activity that appears genuinely suspicious. Finally, the platform can also automatically open cases for DLP incidents, feeding them into a case management system, and sparing analysts the trouble of working in email and Excel.

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Customers Tell Our Story Best

SOAR+ is the product of customer feedback. LogicHub would not be here if it wasn’t for our customers and our community of thought leaders that help us every day make our platform the best it can be. We could not ask for more loyal and generous community.

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