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Capability Automated Alert Triage Incident Response Automation Autonomous Threat Detection Automated Threat Hunting Managed Detection and Response
Challenge Alert triage is one of the most time consuming and least efficient aspects of a security analyst’s job. Security teams spend the bulk of the incident response process performing time consuming, repetitive, and low value tasks. A traditional SOAR solution is unable to handle high volume alarms from tools like a SIEM, requiring security analysts to manually verify every threat prior to executing critical threat response actions. Threat hunting is critical for proactively finding and eliminating many advanced threats, yet few organizations have the trained resources or skill to do it effectively. Many organizations lack the resources to effectively implement a 24x7 security operation on their own, and while automation solutions like SOAR can help, they typically require extensive expertise to implement.
Solution Our automated playbooks automatically investigate and triage alarms from your entire security stack, allowing your analysts to spend their time responding to confirmed attacks and proactively hunting for unknown threats. Our incident response playbooks automated the majority of these action, freeing analyst to focus on advanced threat response activities. LogicHub’s playbooks automatically analyze high volume alarms and event data, eliminating false positives while accurately detecting legitimate threats faster. LogicHub delivers out-of-the-box playbooks that perform automated, expert-level threat hunting at machine speeds. We deliver fully managed detection and response, including SOAR+, working with you to create expert detection and response playbooks to investigate and resolve every threat.
Benefit This reduces false positives, lowers response times, and improves operational efficiency. This leads to faster, more accurate, and repeatable incident response and threat resolution. This eliminates the traditional delay between detection and response, and greatly increases the value you get from your existing security tools. This allows you to implement an effective, scalable threat hunting program without the typical challenges tied to finding the necessary expertise with adequate availability. When combined with 24x7 access to dedicated security analysts, we give you the benefits of an advanced SOC without the overhead.
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