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Meet SOAR+

One security Automation Platform for the Entire Threat Lifecycle

SOC teams use the SOAR+ platform to automate the detection, investigation and response to threats, drastically reducing mean time to detect and respond.

Take a guided tour of SOAR+ and learn how you:

  • Integrate all your security tools in one place
  • Analyze alerts and security events to detect new threats
  • Automate playbooks for triage, incident response and detection of new threats
  • Create your first playbook with ease
  • Gain maximum visibility into open cases
  • Manage context-rich cases in built-in case management
  • Benefit from expert created and maintained content

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What makes SOAR+ unique?


Automatically analyze and correlate every piece of the data to automatically investigate and triage events and decide with human like accuracy.

Decision Automation

Most SOAR platforms only enrich the data, leaving the more complex decision making to analysts. With decision automation, we can triage alerts automatically with human accuracy

Machine Learning

Playbooks that learn and adapt with more data and feedback to not just act like an analyst but starting to think, analyze and decide like an analyst as well.

Big Data Scale

Most SOAR platforms can only analyze thousands of alerts, but not millions of events. Logichub can process millions of event data from any source.

What you get with SOAR+?

The LogicHub SOAR+ integrates with the tools you have in place to automate alert triage, incident response and threat hunting. By automatically analyzing high volume events and alarm data from your SIEM and other tools, as well as orchestrating and automating the incident response process, we free your security analysts to focus on higher value security activities.

Alert triage at machine speed

LogicHub SOAR+ automatically analyzes security events at machine speeds, letting you detect and prioritize critical security events faster.

Alert triage with human-like accuracy

By applying advanced analytics and machine, automate investigation and decision making with the efficacy of a skilled analyst to triage alerts with 95%+ accuracy

Integrate your security stack

100s of integrations are available out of box. And, we deliver a new integration in under 2 weeks flat, many times even sooner.

Automation driven incident response

When a threat is validated you can respond automatically or retain control with one-click approval before executing a response. Reduce your MTTR by 70% or more

Powerful Playbook Automation

If you can document your playbook, we can automate it by providing modules to automate every step in the playbook. Capture your tribal knowledge and operationalize it.

Automation on Demand

Security teams big and small could use help get their automation initiative off to a running start. Our team of expert automation engineers can automate playbooks cost effectively in as little as 2 weeks.

How SOAR+ works?

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