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Automation-driven Managed Detection and Response.

We monitor your environment 24x7 - integrating with every tool in your technical stack generating alerts to detect attacks based on ATT&CK framework, automatically triaging all the alerts generated, enriching them with all the contextual information required. And, escalating those to you if a response is required

Take a guided tour of MDR+ and learn how you:

  • Integrate all your security tools in one place
  • Analyze alerts and security events to detect new threats
  • Automate playbooks for triage, incident response and detection of new threats
  • Create your first playbook with ease
  • Gain maximum visibility into open cases
  • Manage context-rich cases in built-in case management
  • Benefit from expert created and maintained content

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What makes MDR+ unique?

Deep Threat Detection

Open ATT&CK based alerting framework with lowest false positive and negative rates included

Well integrated

With 100’s of out box integrations as part of our SOAR+ platform, our detection and response playbooks benefit from tight integration with every tool in your stack


One size does not fit all. We customize the detection and response playbooks to match your environment, profile, tools and processes.

Transparent Response

We show you what’s happening when it’s happening, and exactly what we’re doing about it. Every step of the way.

Automated Threat Hunting.

With our cognitive security automation platform, we automate threat hunting so that we can look for threats 24x7. And, its included by default.

Highly Automated

Powered by our SOAR+ platform, we deliver faster, more accurate, and more consistent results, every time.

What you get with MDR+?

MDR services are only as good as the technology and people that drive them. We will bring the SOAR+ platform with included case management (and optional Elk-based SIEM). We integrate with the tools you already have in place. At any point and time, you can see all the threats our expert SOC team is detecting and responding to.

SOAR+ platform included

We use advanced automation and orchestration to detect and respond to threats we find in your security events.

Scalable, Managed SIEM

Fully managed, no restrictions on data SIEM included. Consolidate log data and security events, and benefit from experts who will configure and manage it.

Continuously updated security content

Our team of experts is constantly creating new detection and response playbooks, new integrations and dashboards.

24x7 monitoring

We’re watching around the clock, so you can rest easy knowing your environments and your data is protected at all times.

Expert investigations

Highly trained SOC analysts investigate likely threats and attack techniques in your environment using proven threat hunting playbooks.

Dedicated team

We learn your business, we learn your data. We are an extension of your team. You can talk to us any time via Slack, email or phone.

How MDR+ works?

Experience the SOAR+ Platform


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