Automate Alert Triage

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Today, your SecOps team is either manually investigating each and every alert, ignoring them, or outsourcing it to a third party. 

Most orchestration solutions also fall short, requiring analysts to manually evaluate investigative data around each alert to determine its severity. More than 95% of alerts are typically harmless, yet much time is wasted on them.

LogicHub solves all these challenges by mimicking the decision making an analyst goes through, leveraging all of their expertise, intuition, and tribal knowledge. Alerts are automatically triaged with the expertise of a Tier-3 analyst, and only the most critical incidents are escalated for remediation and response.

Watch Demo: Automated Phishing Investigations

Key Benefits

Speed up investigations by 10X

Automate and reduce time it takes to triage each alert to a couple of minutes

Reduce false positives by 95%

Eliminate need for analyst review on alerts that are just noise

Consistent investigations

Ensure all playbook steps are completed for every investigation

Consistent documentation

Catalog all evidence gathered for reuse across the organization

Automate rapidly

Easily create investigation flows and playbooks without writing any code

Empower security analysts

Improve morale and retention by reducing repetitive tasks

Preserve tribal knowledge

Capture and retain the processes, context, and intelligence of your organization

Key Features

Automation Engine

Automate manual investigation steps for any SOC playbook

Machine Learning

Apply cognitive automation to mimic the expertise and intuition of skilled analysts

Deep Correlation

Threat Rank the highest priority alerts using sophisticated analysis across all event and intelligence data

Feedback Loop

Improve efficacy by easily providing context and expertise via an intuitive human feedback loop

Full Traceability

Automatically document alert scoring and reasoning for full visibility into the how and why


Connect to hundreds of applications and services with a robust integration framework

Ingestion Framework

Easily intake security events data from SIEMs, log aggregators, cloud logs, and dozens of security products

Visual Playbook Editor

Enable easy creation of automation flows, without any coding

Agentless Deployment

Easy installation and setup by leveraging open APIs

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