Automate Incident Response

Coordinating and responding to security incidents consistently and in a timely manner is critical. Yet, most security teams struggle with defining and maintaining documented processes, and most importantly, remediating threats in real time. LogicHub reduces MTTR by orchestrating and automating all of the moving parts involved in any incident investigation and response process. With intelligent automation combined with a comprehensive set of integrations, SecOps and CIRT teams can effectively respond to incidents at machine speed.

Key Benefits

Reduce MTTR by 10X

Automate and reduce the time it takes to respond to each incident

Consistent investigations

Ensure all playbook steps are completed for every investigation

Consistent documentation

Catalog all evidence gathered for reuse across the organization

Automate rapidly

Easily create incident response flows and playbooks without writing any code

Empower security analysts

Improve morale and retention by reducing repetitive tasks

Key Features

Automation Engine

Automate manual investigation steps for any SOC playbook

Visual Playbook Editor

Enable easy creation of automation flows, without any coding


Connect to hundreds of applications and services with a robust integration framework

Intelligence and Evidence Gathering

Collect and centralize investigative data automatically for each incident

Orchestrate Response Actions

Automate the coordination and execution on incident specific remediation steps

Incident Management Orchestration

Create and manage cases and remediation tasks for escalated incidents

Agentless Deployment

Easy installation and setup by leveraging open APIs

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