Product Overview

Intelligent Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

Accelerate Investigations by 10x. Reduce False Positives by 95%. Detect Unknown Threats.

Security Automation That Thinks

Automatically learns from human analysts and automates detection and response, never having analysts repeat the same investigations ever again.

Alert Triage

Mimics the intuition, expertise, and tribal knowledge of Tier 3 security analysts to automatically determine which alerts are true incidents.

Incident Response

Contains, mitigates, and remediates detected threats within seconds.

Threat Hunting

Proactively hunts for previously unknown threats at scale, by diving deep into all security events data and continuously finding high risk activity.

Challenges With Other Automation Solutions

Unable to automate analysis and decision making

Most automation platforms can only automate simple actions, but cannot reduce the burden of deep analysis and correlation for each alert or event.

Require deep security expertise

Most organizations lack the expert resources in-house to effectively detect threats within all the security data they’re collecting. Additionally, generic open source playbooks are ineffective without significant customization and tuning to fit a specific environment.

Introducing ThreatGPS™

Built-in Expertise and Guidance for Detection & Response

It mines your application data and automatically ranks critical events, allows you to provide feedback that it learns from, and fine tunes results to optimize for your context.

ThreatGPS also provides best-practice recommendations for response actions, and allows you to set up future automations for continuous detection and response.

Discover ThreatGPS solutions for GitHub, Salesforce, AWS CloudTrail, and more.

Key Features

Automation Engine

Automate manual investigation steps for any SOC playbook

Visual Playbook Editor

Easily design and automate investigation and response playbooks.

Advanced Correlation Engine

Automate multi-level sophisticated analysis across all event and intelligence data

Full Traceability

Automatically document alert scoring and reasoning for full visibility into the how and why

Machine Learning

Apply cognitive automation to mimic the expertise and intuition of skilled analysts

Smart Operators

Easily re-use advanced machine learning and data science algorithms

Feedback Loop

Improve efficacy by easily providing context and expertise via an intuitive human feedback loop

Ingestion Framework

Easily intake security events data from SIEMs, log aggregators, cloud logs, and dozens of security products

Agentless Deployment

Easy installation and setup by leveraging open APIs

Broad Integrations Ecosystem

Force Multiply Your Security Operations

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