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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see my company’s security product listed under Integrations. Can it be added?
Yes, we can integrate with any vendor and will add your integration as part of the service. In addition we support a custom integration builder which you can use to create integrations as needed.

What is considered a “source” for MDR?
A source is any of your security products being monitored by LogicHub MDR. For example, Crowdstrike EDR and Office365 audit events are considered sources.

Can we purchase additional sources for MDR?
Yes, you can always purchase additional sources.

For SOAR, can we purchase additional playbooks?
Yes! Once our customers begin automating they frequently think of more things they would like to do. We are always willing to work with you on adding as many integrations and playbooks as you need.

Can we start with the free edition and then upgrade to a paid plan later?
Yes, you can get started and transition you to a paid plan when you’re ready. You won’t lose any of your playbooks or other content when you upgrade to a paid plan.

Do you have annual plans?
Yes. The pricing estimates shown represent the annual price broken down by month. Contracts are annual but you can pay monthly or annually.

How many “seats” are included?
LogicHub’s pricing varies based on the number of employees at your company, number of playbooks, number of data sources, and other factors. You are allowed as many LogicHub users as you would like to have using the product.