A Radical Transformation in Threat Detection

The founding principle of Security Intelligence Automation is groundbreaking: Automate every threat hunting process, easily and rapidly. The LogicHub™ platform, powered by our patented Threat Ranking Engine™, helps cyber analysts reduce detection times 10X by easily capturing and automating the expertise, context, and processes specific to their IT environment.

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Core Principles

  • Knowledge
  • Adaptable Logic
  • Customizable
  • Logical
  • Metrics

The 5 Key Principles of Security Intelligence Automation

  1. Create a repository of security domain knowledge.
  2. Because each enterprise IT environment is unique, SIA adapts to the complexity and context of your enterprise environment.
  3. Apply rich logic to new situations based upon feedback from the analyst.
  4. Use adaptable logic that can improve with training by expert analysts.
  5. Rely upon a new metrics paradigm, including factors like dwell time.

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Threat Ranking Engine

The LogicHub™ platform automates threat hunting techniques like scoring, clustering, correlation, and mapping—in effect creating a digital map of a security analyst’s mind. The heart of our platform is the Threat Ranking Engine, which uses context to enrich threat data and reduces billions of security events through scoring and classification to triage all threats for rapid resolution, in the process lowering false negative and false positive rates.

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Take the LogicHub Cyber Hunt Challenge

The challenge: we’ll give you 100K events that include numerous threats, your task is to discover:


Can your system detect the threats?


Can your trained analysts detect them?


If your team or your system can’t detect the threats, how long would it take you to automate your systems to detect them?