Phishing Triage Automation

97% Accuracy. Machine Speed. Fast Time-To-Value.

Respond to Phishing Attacks Faster

97% Accuracy. Easy. Fast Time-To-Value

LogicHub’s Phishing Triage is an out-of-the-box solution to the most common SOC challenge - the triage of reported phishing emails.

Built on the LogicHub SOAR+ Platform and powered by Machine Learning, emails are automatically analyzed and classified with high accuracy. An intuitive interface lets security analysts quickly review results and kick off response workflows with a click. Key highlights include:

  • 97% Accuracy
  • Reduces alerts requiring human analysis by 75% or more
  • Deployed in 2 Weeks
  • Affordably Priced
Automate Triage with 97% Accuracy

Powered by Machine Learning

Unlike solutions that are simply rules-based or signature-based, LogicHub Phishing Triage is built on top of an intelligent Decision Engine that delivers unsurpassed accuracy.

Leveraging multi—factor analysis, correlation, and machine-learning, it is the smartest solution for phishing triage. Operating at machine speed, it analyzes data faster than an analyst and presents recommended decisions by the time they open their inbox.

Respond with Speed and Precision

Workflow and Orchestration

Should a phishing attack get through, not only does LogicHub detect it faster, the app also allows you to respond quickly.

Pre-built workflows customized to your environment enable you to quickly take steps such as quarantining threats, establishing new rules, notifying all stakeholders, or creating a new ticket.

A Complete SOAR Platform

Highly Customizable, Multi-Purpose

Underlying the LogicHub Phishing Triage app is the LogicHub SOAR+. Extend automation to a myriad of other use cases such as the triage of SIEM alerts or threat hunting.

The highly flexible automation platform features a powerful decision engine to automatically prioritize any alert feed, recommend decisions, and reduce response times.

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Fast Time-To-Value

Two Weeks to Go Live

Get up and running in two weeks with our guaranteed implementation service.

  • Only an hour of your time invested
  • Fixed price with guaranteed delivery
  • Includes all required integrations
  • Delivered by a team of elite security automation experts

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LogicHub Phishing Triage is available for anyone to try by sending their suspicious emails to LogicHub will send a report within five minutes with a full explanation of the results..

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