Ideal Background:

  • You have 5+ years of experience in a post sales account management role.
  • You have a good understanding of the value expectation of customers in the cyber security industry (SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, Detection and Response Automation).
  • You have managed delivery of the software/services for high volume and high touch customers and a proven track record of value delivery and sustained retention of the account portfolio.
  • You have worked/like to work in a fast paced startup environment.
  • You understand the deployment/relationship triggers that lead to customer retention based on timely value delivery.
  • You have contributed to a customer success methodology/process that efficiently allowed you to scale the customer success function.

LogicHub Detailed Job Duties for Customer Success Manager

  • Understand customers’ needs for security and analytics
    • Understand customers’ data, internal processes, and other requirements.
  • Program planning, management, and execution
    • Gather requirements from customers, document them, and act as a liaison between the customers and internal teams.
    • Prioritize customers’ requirements to align to the capability of the LogicHub solution
    • Define program roadmaps with customers
    • Breakdown the program roadmaps into well-defined projects
    • Establish internal and external cadence plans and escalation metrics.
    • Day-to-day customer communications
    • Maintain and manage alignment with customer project plans and internal project execution
    • Monitor and track project milestones, tasks, resource efficiency, quality standards of deliverables and the cost to the company using burn analysis
  • Lead pre-implementation planning and kickoff workshops for core teams in the customer organizations, such as SOC, security architecture, and operations teams.
  • Provide internal and external project updates such as monthly updates to customers of their LogicHub programs.
  • Work with customers to identify additional expansion requirements to increase contractual value of them.
  • Maintain and manage alignment with the customer at a strategic and senior management level
    • Drive quarterly meetings between LogicHub and customer sponsors and executives to showcase value delivered and expectations.
    • Provide overall product, solution, service and business roadmap overview to maintain expectations and transfer knowledge to drive further value.
    • Work with external stakeholders in requirements prioritization for future expansions.
      • Provide detailed reports on usage of the service and recommend best practices to enhance value and adoption.
      • Develop, manage and report on annual budgets and provide projections for customers in additional budget procurements.
    • Drive customer satisfaction and success metrics

    How to apply

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