4 months ago we started on a journey to make security automation so easy that a 6 year old can do it. That was inspired watching my 6 year old son build apps on his ipad using an app called Tynker (https://www.tynker.com/ - if you have young kids - highly recommended way to get them hooked on coding)

We wanted to build the security automation platform so that it was as easy as putting together legos to do whatever it is that you would want to automate.

I will walk you through a process that we have adopted with several of our customers to help them realize the benefits of Security Automation.

The first step always is to just document the playbook in simple english - as if you were trying to train a junior analyst on how to perform a repetitive task. It's almost drawing a rough sketch of the painting you plan to draw before you fill in all the minor details.

For example, here is a very simple phishing triage playbook:

  • Read emails from an inbox where employees report suspicious phishing emails
  • For every email, extract URLs
  • Check reputation of the URL
  • For emails with attachments, check reputation of the attachment
  • If the url reputation is bad, or if the attachment reputation is bad, mark the email as phishing, otherwise mark it as benign.

The first step in the playbook requires an integration with the imap server. And, then you just want it to point it to the folder from where you want to read the emails.

To make this step super easy, all you have to do is look for a step

And, then you look for an automation that does that..here are the top options that come up when I hit “Search & Add Automation” -

Great. Let’s use IMAP to read emails. Once you select that automation - this one requires a connection to the IMAP server. Here is what the configuration screen looks like:

Once you configure the connection, we tell it which folder to fetch the emails from, and whether to fetch all the emails or just the unread ones:

And, that’s it - we are done adding this step.

We repeat the same pattern a bunch of times to build out the playbook.

  • What am I trying to automate?
  • Find an automation that does that
  • Configure the automation and add it to the playbook.
  • Add the next step..unless done.

Watch me build this simple phishing flow in under 5 minutes from scratch here:

Here is a 10m video demo of me building the above playbook from scratch.

Are you ready to start automating? We do office hours every week to help you get started automating your playbooks. Book a demo here and ask to schedule a working session if you are ready to start automating some playbooks.