The goal of any organization is to continually improve. Today, we are excited to improve the industry’s most complete security automation platform by announcing the release of LogicHub MDR+.

By combining the capabilities of LogicHub SOAR+ and MDR+, we deliver the highest quality threat investigation and incident response solution that is automated, transparent and adaptable -- meeting both an organization’s needs and the evolving cyber threat landscape. We can also now claim that we are the only automated detection and response solution that acts as a platform or a service.

What is MDR?

MDR solutions provide services to businesses looking to improve the way they detect threats, respond to incidents and monitor their IT assets continuously. The key letter in the acronym - M - speaks to the painful reality the vast majority of organizations face: they are under-resourced and can’t monitor environments 24x7 and respond accordingly without outside help.

While security automation solutions like SOAR can help, they typically require extensive expertise to implement and manage. This is where MDR presents its benefit -- but traditional MDR solutions only go part of the way in alleviating the operational burden.

How is MDR+ Different?

MDR services are only as good as the technology that drives them. They are put in place to enhance security analysts’ abilities to leverage their expertise for action, but too often the technology powering them stifles that. This is not the case with MDR+.

LogicHub MDR+ integrates with every tool throughout the security stack and is built upon LogicHub’s best-in-class SOAR+ platform delivering autonomous detection and response, advanced analytics and machine learning to automate decision making with extreme accuracy across historically disparate security operations.

MDR+ provides complete visibility into how threats are detected, investigated, triaged and analyzed, allowing analysts to cut through the noise and concentrate only on the threats that really matter and ignore the rest. Security teams get access to 24x7 monitoring and expert investigations from highly-trained SOC analysts who deliver specialized playbooks that proactively hunt for advanced attacks and previously unknown threats. Security teams are able to automatically analyze security events and alerts at machine speed -- detecting and prioritizing faster than ever before.

When a threat is validated, MDR+ eliminates false positives automatically and enables security analysts to respond to threats automatically and accurately. Furthermore, LogicHub’s team of experts continuously creates and enhances its automated threat playbooks mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which arms security analysts with an expert system that virtualizes analyst knowledge and expertise.

To learn more about MDR+ and how it accelerates the path toward autonomous security operations, please visit:


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