From your personal bookcase to the Harvard Law library, a centralized collection of knowledge is an amazing resource to access. Is there a way to protect each book, no matter its age, location, or quality? What happens if a library falls victim to a fire?

The destruction of a body of centralized knowledge leaves unmatched devastation in its path.

Digitized information is no stranger to high level threats of destruction. GitHub is home to 80 million repositories; without protection, the source code is open to suspicious behavior and vulnerabilities that could put your intellectual property at risk.

ThreatGPS™ for GitHub is designed to save your company from the financial and brand harm posed by threats to source code.

Increase SecOps efficiency with ThreatGPS, an out-of-the-box automated solution

It requires immense time and resources to have a security team constantly on the lookout for threats to your repositories.

  • Gain new visibility and trust in your code security as ThreatGPS™ scans millions of log events in GitHub using advanced correlation and machine learning to identify threats

  • Sleep easy, knowing your GitHub repositories are monitored 24/7

  • Save time and money as ThreatGPS™ takes minutes to do the work that takes a team hours to complete

Prevent potential disaster with ranked alerts

ThreatGPS™ employs a ranking system based on a complex factor-based analysis. It assesses and compares each suspicious behavior and plugs it into an activity feed. Your team can see and interact with the feed with a simple click; the system automatically notes and incorporates the feedback into future threat assessment.

Deploy with just a few clicks

Just point ThreatGPS to your GitHub logs, and it starts to monitor and detect threats immediately. You get your first ranked list of alerts within seconds. Deployed either in the cloud, or on-premises, it is flexible and easy to set up, and doesn’t require any agents installed anywhere.

Improve efficacy with a feedback loop  

The complexity at the backend of ThreatGPS™ is matched with a simple feedback mechanism. Security analysts can easily train the system to your environment’s unique context. Your organization has unique needs and the system is designed to adapt and get stronger based on a effective feedback loop.

GitHub is feature packed

GitHub is used by developers all over the world to manage source code. It houses a network of repositories and branches with your company's confidential information. Your business’ intellectual property deserves protection from a platform that can accelerate, prioritize, triage, and work at the highest levels to ensure your continued success.

Look no further for a simple to install, easy to operate GitHub security solution that will minimize your security costs, provide advanced threat analysis and warning, and give you peace of mind.

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