Great companies are built on two major factors: compelling market need and innovative solutions. As we launch LogicHub, we aspire to be one of those great companies. So we want to begin by introducing you to the thinking and the technology on which we’ve founded the company.

Market need: LogicHub is based on basic but alarming observation about the Infosec market—one validated by our conversations with more than 75 security teams: the information security world is an ongoing battleground—and the bad guys are winning. Cybercriminals are too numerous, too innovative and too determined, and today’s solutions aren’t up to the task. Just ask the owners of the 529 million records that were breached in 2016 alone.

The feedback from the market was consistent: SIMs simply aren’t smart enough; UBAs aren’t comprehensive enough; and Pure AI, while compelling, is years away from practical application. Their advice to us: forget incremental improvements on existing methods. Be bold and take a fresh approach to the problem.

Our core technology: The forgotten heroes in the Infosec wars are the cyberanalysts, a beleaguered and outnumbered group of professionals. What is often overlooked is that this group has unique insights based on their intelligence, sense of context, and intuition that no machine can replicate. The key is how to capture, distill, and then deploy these insights at scale. That is the fundamental challenge that the LogicHub team set about solving. And we believe we’ve done just that with a ground-breaking technology called Security Intelligence Automation (SIA).

SIA automates the process of identifying unknown threats for triage and resolution. Our SIA platform captures the expert cyber hunting techniques—such as scoring, clustering, correlation and mapping—in effect creating a digital map of a security analyst’s mind. By automating this process we are essentially enabling you to clone and deploy your cyberanalysts to where they are needed most. We think it’s innovative solution that the market is demanding.

Thanks: Finally, our heartfelt thanks to a number of folks. To the 75+ security teams who graciously spent their time helping us understand their problems—and what they were looking for in a solution. Thanks to our early trial customers for believing in our idea and vision while we were in stealth mode. Throughout our early stages as a company they've spent their valuable time helping us understand their pain points and validating the solution we set out to build. We would not have reached this point in our company history without them. To our investors for believing in our vision. And finally, to the members of the LogicHub team who have worked so hard to get us to this point.

Please take some time to look around our website. If you like what you see, please get in touch. We’ll get right back to you.