Within the realm of security, there are many different toolsets and opinions on what works and what doesn’t. There are an equal number of variables: from industry standards to data sources, each network is very different and requires careful configuration to achieve the maximum value from a security setup. It makes sense to have as many useful tools at your disposal as possible and to have them within easy reach.

This is where integrations come in. By mixing and matching your solutions, you can create a nearly unlimited number of powerful commands and playbooks.

What Are Integrations?

Integrations are like highly intelligent plugins that can be catered to your specific needs. After connecting a source (either an API or a direct data source), an engineer can pare down results and lookups to gain a clean output that is human readable. By combining multiple sources, a single playbook can sift through sources quickly and correlate data that would otherwise not be connected.

For an environment that has a diverse set of tools (especially larger organizations or those with separate tools per department), ingesting this data is essential to gaining a big picture of security posture.

LogicHub supports hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations , which enables organizations to set up connections to third-party applications and then call those connections from their playbooks.

How Are Integrations Different?

Integrations work well for automation purposes. Instead of having to load from a long library of prior written code or manually entering different UIs, gigantic processes can be condensed into a single module with a few settings. UI friendliness is also a big advantage to integrations: by ingesting a variety of sources into a single application, a user only needs their dashboard to make use of integrations they have been allowed access to.

In the average network, hours that could be used more efficiently are spent on reviewing data that could otherwise be automated. Integrations work differently from standard automation in their simplicity: by making the integration more modular, even those with little experience in automation can use them by ‘plugging them in’ to their desired playbook.

Want to learn more about how you can optimize your integrations within your playbooks? Get started with our Free SOAR Edition.

LogicHub harnesses the power of AI and automation for superior detection and response at a fraction of the cost. From small teams with security challenges, to large teams automating SOCs, LogicHub makes advanced detection and response easy and effective for everyone.


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