By using our advanced security orchestration, automation, and response platform, SOC teams and security analysts can automate processes like alert triage, enrichment of data with threat intelligence, and incident response - now offered for free with the LogicHub Free SOAR Edition.

Free Automation Capabilities for Busy SOC Teams

In the increasingly high pressure and time-crunched world of security operations, security analysts and incident responders are on the front lines of the constant battle against security threats. Unfortunately, security operations teams face a barrage of challenges. Increasing attacks and massive numbers of alerts from security tools, combined with a national cybersecurity skills gap and staffing shortages, means security operations teams need to maximize every ounce of human capital to be effective. 

At LogicHub we believe that any process can and should be automated so that skilled analysts can focus on the things that truly require humans to handle. As teams automate security processes, the entire operation benefits by becoming more efficient, spending less time on false positives, and more time on making sure real incidents are detected and addressed.

That’s why we’re offering our SOAR solution for free to anyone who registered with a valid business email address. The free solution will allow any SOC team to begin to realize the benefits of automating their security processes in 30 minutes or less with a hassle free sign up and SaaS deployment. All an analyst needs to do to get started is register, log in, and start building playbooks. With 100s of integrations, you can integrate LogicHub with any part of your security stack. We’ve created guided playbooks to automate some of the most common processes, so you can be up and running quickly and easily. Plus, our conversational playbook builder will help you automate any process you like.

AI and Automation as a Security Force Multiplier

Humans working on security operations teams spend a great deal of time developing logical strategies to investigate alerts, detect threats, and execute incident response. In cybersecurity parlance, these strategies are referred to as playbooks. It turns out that humans are really good at designing these strategies, but having to run them manually even 10-20 times a day can eat into an analyst’s time very quickly. The LogicHub SOAR platform allows the human-developed playbooks to be executed by machines at scale, saving time while delivering timely and consistent responses. Teams that develop a culture of automation leverage the power of artificial intelligence to do more in less time - continuously driving the software to learn and execute more tasks, and make decisions that previously required humans. Security analysts can then focus their unique skills on higher value or proactive security activities that require their unique human analysis.

“LogicHub’s attack detection innovation is “decision automation” as part of its SOAR platform. It enables the skilled hunters to encode their techniques, thus capturing their expertise, and turning it into a scoring playbook and a decision playbook.” Gartner, Emerging Technologies: Tech Innovators in AI Attack Detection – Demand Side, 2021

Getting Started with SOC Automation

The LogicHub Free SOAR Edition is available to any user in the US and Canada with a valid corporate email address. Upon registration, the user receives access to a dedicated cloud-based instance of the LogicHub SOAR platform. The system includes step-by-step instructions and videos for users to create playbooks to automate common scenarios such as alert triage, data enrichment, and phishing response. More experienced users can create custom playbooks to handle automations of any complexity.

The LogicHub Free SOAR Edition enables security professionals to:

  • Build automation playbooks in 30 minutes or less with easy-to-follow templates and step-by-step instructions and videos 
  • Create and test any number of playbooks 
  • Run one playbook in production for an unlimited time
  • Manage up to 10 cases per day
  • Have two admin users
  • Get expert assistance to help build custom playbooks
  • Access online support 

Free expert assistance from LogicHub’s technical team is also available to help users complete playbooks and build custom automations at no additional charge. For more information and to sign up for the LogicHub Free SOAR Edition, visit 




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