• As cyber threats evolve, organizations of all sizes need to ramp up their security efforts. However, many smaller organizations often lack the resources necessary to fully protect their systems.
  • LogicHub’s intelligent automation platform uses advanced AI, machine learning, and automation to perform detection and response — and proactively hunt threats.
  • This technology – whether utilized as a SOAR platform or MDR service – can help teams deal with noisy alerts and false positives, decrease response times and free up teams to do meaningful, creative work instead of repetitive and manual tasks. What’s more, LogicHub is accessible and affordable — making “security for all” a reality.

Automation: A smarter approach to security

As digital transformation accelerates, so do the possibilities for change. New tools can improve efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency or they can make everything more complex and stressful. Technology can connect us — or divide us.

At LogicHub, we believe in technology as a force for good. But not everyone does. As cyber threats grow in volume and sophistication, so does their potential to damage our systems, our businesses, and our livelihoods.

Large enterprises may have the resources needed to face these challenges, but smaller organizations often don’t have the staff, budget, or expertise that’s necessary to fully protect themselves. And even big companies with large security teams recognize that relying solely on human vigilance is insufficient when data points (and vulnerabilities) can number in the billions.

We need to think differently about security. Comprehensive, 24/7 detection and response should be accessible and affordable to everyone — not just the biggest players.

It is possible with automation, powered by AI and machine learning. Automation plays a powerful role in the most effective security solutions on the market. We believe automation is the key for organizations of all sizes to tackle the dynamic threat landscape, both now and in the future.

Whitepaper: Power to the People - Democratizing Automation & AI-Driven Security

Let’s turn adversity into opportunity

Whether you choose our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service or deploy the LogicHub Security Automation (SOAR) Platform on your own, your organization can innovate with confidence, knowing your systems are covered around the clock.

Here are just a few challenges common among small- to medium-size businesses, nonprofits, startups, and other organizations operating on modest budgets. And because we’re in the business of solving problems, we’ve identified how each common pitfall can be addressed with LogicHub’s intelligent automation solutions.

1. Outdated tech >> Intelligent automation

Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEMs) were developed 20-plus years ago, and they still have their place in the security stack. But SIEMs are rules-based systems that use shallow logic. They’re insufficient and not sophisticated enough to process the massive volume of data most organizations deal with today. And that data increases exponentially with time.

However, many smaller organizations can’t afford to completely overhaul their systems or build new solutions in-house. LogicHub’s AI and automation driven detection and response platform can identify threats that legacy security tools (like SIEMs) cannot — while integrating seamlessly into the systems you already have in place. The technology identifies not only what is “bad,” but what is “good” as well – progressively learning from feedback from data and analysts.

eBook: Five Easy Steps to Replace Your SIEM

2. Alert fatigue >> Alert triage and incident response with rich, actionable cases

Security teams are overwhelmed with hundreds or even thousands of alerts per day. Only a fraction of those alerts represents bona fide events that require responses. Most are “false alarms,” which lead to desensitization (aka “alert fatigue”). When an alert does represent a real emergency, staff may not respond quickly enough — or at all.

Plus, manual alert triage is a repetitive process that’s prone to human error and eventually, burnout. For a small team, tedious tasks squander precious time and resources. An analyst can take 20 minutes or more to run through a checklist. These steps may include things like manually checking the reputation of a URL, comparing suspicious traffic to baseline behavior, and recommending an action (or several) in response. But most of these steps can easily be automated.

LogicHub playbooks mirror human decision-making processes but carry them out instantly.

Our intelligent automation platform presents analysts with rich cases to review and allows them to take one-click actions if they so choose. This saves both time and money while keeping the security team firmly in control. Machine learning evolves based on human feedback and adjusts the playbooks accordingly. In this way, automation helps teams constantly get better in terms of reaction time, accuracy, and consistency.

The Definitive MDR Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Managed Detection and Response Service

3. Defensive crouch >> Offensive threat hunting

For most small- to medium-size organizations, threat hunting is a luxury. Their teams can barely keep up with alert triage and other basic defensive moves. Threat hunters are highly skilled and demand sky-high salaries. But even if we all could afford to pay the best of the best cybersecurity minds in the business, the scale of the problem is too large for people to handle alone.

Automation, however, can assist security teams in building customized threat hunting playbooks. Intelligent bots can comb your systems at the speed and scale only machines can achieve. AI levels the playing field, so to speak. In the battle against cyber threats, we can’t make headway if we’re simply chasing the attackers and methods we know about. We must think proactively and make offensive strikes, too. At LogicHub, we call it “removing haystacks to find needles.”

Security for all is within reach

Automation isn’t a way to replace people or quash human ingenuity. It’s a way to open new possibilities for innovation by freeing up valuable time and resources. And now, more than ever, it’s an affordable, accessible reality.

How can LogicHub transform your security operations? Request a demo today.

LogicHub harnesses the power of AI and automation for superior detection and response at a fraction of the cost. From small teams with security challenges, to large teams automating SOCs, LogicHub makes advanced detection and response easy and effective for everyone.


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