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Our vision with Autonomous Detection and Response (ADR) is intelligent automation that captures the expertise, context, and intuition of skilled security analysts, and fully automates the workflows for threat detection and response.  

Why LogicHub?

ADR, Mission Possible

Cognitive Automation Platform

Intelligent, powerful and highly flexible platform to automate SecOps processes.

Threat Ranking

Get a high quality feed of alerts, automatically ranked in your context, with the lowest false positive and false negative rates

ThreatGPS Guided Expertise

Step-by-step guidance to quickly setup automation for protecting critical applications.

ThreatGPS for Your Most Critical Applications


360 degree automated review of repositories to detect misconfigurations and suspicious activities

AWS CloudTrail

Continuously monitor log events and get a highly quality feed of alerts


Detect suspicious behavior and automate notifications and remediation actions

Our Customers & Partners

"We have used LogicHub for threat hunting in data sets and found great success in learning of threats as they are detected. LogicHub automatically kicks off an automated investigation process. Using LogicHub, we have been able to strengthen our security posture and save time doing it."

Milinda Rambel Stone
Senior Director of Global Security, SPS Commerce

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