Automate Alert Triage

Speed up investigations by 10X

  • Automate complex investigation workflows quickly and easily
  • Reduce false positives by 95%
  • Powered by Machine Learning and Cognitive Automation
  • Free up resources to focus on remediation and increased automation

Automate Threat Hunting

Reduce Missed Breaches

  • Gain deeper proactive visibility into new threats
  • Automate the expertise of the most skilled analysts to hunt and identify unknown threats
  • Prioritize top threats with the Threat Ranking Engine
  • Unlike hard-coded rules, leverage the intelligence, context, and instinct of a human analyst

Digitize SOC Playbooks

Preserve Tribal Expertise

  • Digitize the workflows and playbooks of your skilled analysts
  • Capture the processes, context, and intelligence of your specific environment
  • Ensure consistent investigations
  • Rapidly train and onboard new analysts