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    Spend just one hour documenting your playbook, and our experts will fully automate them.

LogicHub Fully Automates Alert Triage

Compare the effort required

Powered by Decision + Workflow Automation

20x lower MTTR with 1/10th the analysts

Phishing Playbook Example

Local Contextual Scoring

Reduce false positives. Score domains with baselines of YOUR environment.

File Attachment Metadata

Flexible platform used for file attachment parsing and YARA rule execution for limitless metadata.

Detect Look-a-like domains

Access powerful data science analytics to detect domain squatting.

Reputating Services

All the integrations you'd expect to include DomainTools, VirusTotal, malware sandboxes and more.

Work in tandem with AI

Built-in AI can remember recent analyst decisions to automatically make future triage decisions.

Decision Trees Simplify Complexity

Multiple iterations of enrichment, scoring, and logic can identify special cases like VIP / Executive treatment workflows.

Built-in Machine Learning

Replicate seasoned analyst intuition with custom models to detect malicious and benign URLs.

Automate Remediation

Update case log while removing malicious emails, blocking domains, creating service tickets or sending communications to users.

VIP / Executive Workflow

Initiate special workflows like sending custom email templates to special support groups.

Phishing Awareness Tests

Automatically enroll confirmed victims in corporate phishing training.

What customers are saying...

"We have used LogicHub for threat hunting in data sets and found great success in learning of threats as they are detected. LogicHub automatically kicks off an automated investigation process. Using LogicHub, we have been able to strengthen our security posture and save time doing it."

"LogicHub is helping us automate security threat detection processes with decision science automation, using advanced analysis and correlation that is unique and powerful."

"LogicHub is automating our alert triage processes using their customizable automation flows for both detection and response."

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