Automate Alert Triage, Incident Response, and Threat Detection

Automate Alert Triage at Machine Speed with 97% Accuracy

Alert Triage is a tedious, never-ending task for security analysts. LogicHub automates the process, empowering junior analysts with the skill and expertise of senior analysts, making them instantly 10x more productive and effective.

The Result?

  • Alerts prioritized and false positives removed
  • Reduced response times without additional headcount
  • Zero ignored alerts, lower chances of a breach
  • Happier analysts focused on higher value tasks

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Get The Full Picture Around Every Incident

Remove False Positives with 97% Accuracy

Automate Response and Remediation

Automate Threat Hunting Tasks

Get The Full Picture Around Every Incident

Workflow Automation and Data Enrichment

Gaining key insights into all that happened around an event is critical for effective triage and response. This is often a manual process for analysts that consumes valuable cycles.

LogicHub automates enrichment of alerts by gathering all relevant data from internal and external sources, processing the data, and presenting a rich context for the analyst to examine. The hours of effort saved allows analysts to dig deeper and focus on more productive tasks.

Prioritize Alerts and Remove False Positives

Decision Engine with a Feedback Loop

The most critical phase of alert triage is crunching all the data gathered and determining what is good versus bad. LogicHub automates this decision making with the skill of a senior analyst, using powerful correlation and analysis tools.

Within seconds, LogicHub presents an analyst with recommended decisions and response steps . With a single click they can either accept or update the results. The platform self-learns from the analyst’s feedback and improves with each iteration.

Automate Response and Remediation

Orchestrate across organization

After a true incident is detected, LogicHub helps analyst automate the necessary response and remediation steps. These could include creating or updating tickets, enforcing new firewall rules, isolating an endpoint from the network, sending notifications to all stakeholders, and much more.

Critically, LogicHub allows analysts to approve and supervise the response actions, safeguarding against unintended consequences.

Automate Threat Hunting

LogicHub is the only SOAR platform that can hunt for known and unknown threats buried in event logs.

The powerful Decision Engine, built on the Spark platform for extreme scale, enables LogicHub to process billions of events to detect anomalous activity. Leveraging machine learning, correlation, scoring, and multi-factor analysis, LogicHub routinely detects threats missed by SIEM rules and other security solutions.

Guaranteed Integration with Everything

  • Hundreds of out-of-the box packaged integrations
  • Guaranteed integration with any commercial system in your environment
  • Integration Builder to easily create your own integrations
  • Fully delivered integrations for a fixed price

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What can you automate?

Explore some example use cases

Monitoring Files Written to USB

Automate baseline analysis of files copied to external drives, and alert on suspicious user behavior.

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Automating Threat Intelligence Searches

Automate the searching and enrichment of IOCs in threat intelligence feeds across your environment.

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Automating Threat Hunting in AWS CloudTrail Logs

Automated threat hunting of AWS CloudTrail logs with LogicHub is a powerful and easy method to kick off your threat hunting campaigns by focusing on a smaller subset of important events.

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Automating Threat Hunting in Web Proxy Logs

Automated threat hunting of proxy logs with LogicHub is a powerful and easy start to your threat hunting campaigns by focusing on a smaller subset of important events.

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Managed Automation as a Service

Fully Delivered Playbooks in Two Weeks

  • Only an hour of your time invested
  • Fixed price with guaranteed delivery
  • Built by a team of elite security automation experts

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What customers are saying...

"We have used LogicHub for threat hunting in data sets and found great success in learning of threats as they are detected. LogicHub automatically kicks off an automated investigation process. Using LogicHub, we have been able to strengthen our security posture and save time doing it."

"LogicHub is helping us automate security threat detection processes with decision science automation, using advanced analysis and correlation that is unique and powerful."

"LogicHub is automating our alert triage processes using their customizable automation flows for both detection and response."

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