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Many organizations have implemented a SIEM but are unable to process more than a tiny fraction of events due to limited security staff. We bridge that gap by automating analysts' intelligence to reduce your breach detection time.

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The Problem

After implementing SIEM, log management and analytics solutions on top of industry standard security tools, organizations have an increased volume of events that the security analysts have to process manually. The reality is that there is a big gap between the events generated and the analysts processing capacity, and as a result, many events simply go unprocessed, increasing the chances that a breach is going to go undetected.

The Solution

Capture Analysts' Intelligence

Automatically Apply Intelligence

We are building a Security Intelligence Platform that will boost your analyst's efficiency in a way that has never been done before. By capturing their expertise, and automating it, our solution will make your SOC security analysts more effective and efficient so that they can spend more time on the potential security incidents. This means quicker response time by your analysts and less time the attacker has to affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your organization's physical, intellectual and consumer assets.


Build Intelligence not just Analytics

If you want to reduce your average breach detection time, please contact us to find out more about our solution.

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